Corroboree Festival 2013 - Firelight Ceremony

Client: DCG Design
Location: Pier 2/3 Sydney
Services provided: Flame effect design, prototyping, manufacture, installation, commissioning and operation.

2013 saw the opening of Austrlia's newest Indigenous Festival in Sydney.  The Corroboree Festival was opened with a modern take on the traditional Firelight Ceremony honouring the traditional custodians of Sydney Harbour, the Gadigal people.  

The Firelight was designed by Jonathon Jones and the structure built by DCG Designs.  Live Element was engaged to design a burner and control system for the Firelight with one key consideration, there was no mains gas or power available on site.  After a careful design process the burner and control system were able to run the effect for two days from a single car battery and dual 9kg LPG bottles. 

The Firelight realised an exciting milestone for Live Element with it being the first project to be fully designed in 3D CAD. 

Visit Corroboree Sydney's website for details of their next Festival